Friday, December 14, 2007

I love funk. I love unique items that are funky and ingenious. As hopefully you can tell by the items I post (: And most of all, I love having things that other people don't. Isn't it a pain to go into someones house and see that they have the same stuff as you? It's really not that bad, but it would be so nice if everyone didn't shop at WalMart or other big department stores! Etsy (wink wink) is the first step in this direction. The first EASY step. Do you realize how EASY it is to buy on Etsy? Click click click and tada! You have uniqueness. Ok, well, not right away, but you'll have at a week later (: And it's so worth it!

Here are a couple more of my fave stores. The first one is Inkjet Designs, an awesome little company based out of England (yay for Brits!).

The second it a gorgeous etsy stop; Allisons Photography. Seriously, who wouldn't want pink snakeskin magnets or zebra coasters??

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