Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Today it's all about me! As it should be. Well no, that's just rude. But once in a while "me me me" is ok (:

I've been busy making several new products and trying some crafts out. I decided to post one of them in my store this morning and will be posting more as the days go on!

I'm on a mission to heighten the views and hearts of my store. Hopefully it will bring more sales!

I've been adding an item a day to the store, which has been three so far this week. I intend to wake up early every morning in order to have time to add new items every day. That, as well as renewing an item a day. We'll try this out for a few weeks and see if it does me any good. If not, maybe I need to take a second look at the items I offer...

Here's the bag I renewed this afternoon (:

Take a peek at my store!


Banana-head Pancake said...

I think it's okay to be a little "me, me, me" on your blog- it is yours after all. I think of mine as the diary-of-sorts I never had!

katelynjane said...

True enough! Thanks for stopping by! I love the "diary" feeling of blogs...only everyone can read it which makes it even better!