Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I was cruisin' through Flickr, just minding my own business..well actually no, I was minding other peoples business because that's what you DO on Flickr...and I came across this great profile and set of pictures by Art4Friends. There was a link to their Etsy store so I clicked and checked that out too. The art in this shop is so amazing!! Everything is funky-modern. There's cards, there's mirrors, there's buttons...go look! You'll be impressed!

Oh, and I've also added another creature to my Etsy store (: Vincent is up for sale!


art4friends said...

hey hey

thank you so much firstly for your lovely little blog comments! I just love reading new comments.

And then when I headed over to find your blog I noticed this lovely post!

you are just too sweet and kind! :D thank you so much

from your etsy mini your shop looks great! so i think im going to have to check that out myself!!

and def do some fact about your self! I can offically tag you because i didnt really tag seven people! :D

have a lovely day

renee x

katelynjane said...

Oh good! I realized afterwards that you should be tagged to do that! (: Not that it's official, I'll do it!