Friday, February 8, 2008

I was going to be blogging about something totally different today and then I got "led" to this store....isn't it amazzzzzing? Love it. Love. IT! The Machine Stops is a freaking awesome store with super colorful photos that immediately (as per the now different blog!) draw you to their products.

I love these clothes, they're so original, so serendipitous (I like that word...not sure if it works...but I like it!) it's hard to not click the "buy" button!

Sigh. If only I was having the weather they are in the pictures.

Guess what temperature it is here. Guess. GUESS!! Nope, wrong. It's -30 degrees celcius. WITH a windchill. So really, it's like -48. Just lovely hey? I wonder if frostbite looks as good as a sunburn?

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