Monday, February 4, 2008

I was thinking that I'd written...ahem...posted...tons of posts that didn't tell much about me (unless you're sneaky and have read between the lines). Today I'm just going to write, just a little about moi and hopefully you don't start snoring.

Ever since I was little, like really little, I had this urge to sell. An urge to be an entrepreneur. I used to live on the BC coast where blackberries grew everywhere. I would pick them, little cupfulls, and sell them. I'd try to anyways. I think people didn't buy so many because they saw the bushes across the street from where I was selling and decided just to pick their own.

Then there was my musical entrance to the world.

A neighbor had an old saxophone and drums he would lend to us. My friend Brice and I took them to the side of the busy highway and played until people stopped and paid us. This guy and his wife stopped once and gave us a $20. I'm sure it wasn't so much that we were good...I think he lived close by and wanted us to shut up.

This love for being my own boss, earning my own money, continued and still never really just "started" it was always there.

Hopefully my Etsy store will fulfill my dreams of becoming my own boss full time. One day, I'm sure it will happen.

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