Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blogs and Mags

It seems like every day I'm finding new blogs to become addicted to! Check out a few of my new additions on the left:

Oh Happy Day
Elizabeth Dye
Pixie Blossoms

I just noticed that I've added Modish twice...I must love that blog or something (:

Guess what I got in the mail today! My Wish magazine. I can't wait to go home tonight, steep some tea and read it. Maybe have a bath. With the cup of tea and magazine...

I've been loving magazines lately. Decorating on a Budget, Wish, Domino and anything else crafty, gives me puppy dog eyes when I walk past them in the store and I can't help but pick a copy up.

The Bluelines blog is a net-mag (is there even such thing?) of the Blueprint magazine that's another fave of mine.

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