Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Quick Dinner

Every second night or so I make a good hearty meal. I like inventing dishes, adding herbs and making it look cool.

This dish is one of the easiest dishes I make. It's pork chops (I look 6 for my hubby and I so we can have left overs for lunch the next day) about 1/2 cup of milk and enough salsa to lightly cover the top of the chops. This time I added some fresh tomatoes and sliced up some mushrooms. It cooked for about 45 minutes, but as long as the pork is cooked, it doesn't have to cook for that long.

The acorn squash I cooked first in the microwave (10 minutes. I discovered this is SO much faster than cooking it for 45 minutes in the stove!). I put it in the oven for a little while after it had finished cooking, to crisp it up a bit. I put a table spoon of butter in the center of the squash as well as a dash of oregano.

Then there's rice, and that's pretty straightforward (:

SO delish!

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