Monday, April 14, 2008

And Another Week Starts...

This weekend was perfect. I haven't had a weekend that relaxing or fulfilling in a long time, it was exactly what I needed.

I was thinking after I posted last time, how amazing it is that I can say "we don't usually go to government camping spots". Most people don't have that option. When we visited the Shuswap last summer, we assumed we would be able to camp out along the way. In our area, you can find unofficial camping spots wherever you want. Really. And it's not private property, it's the middle of the bush. But we had forgotten it wasn't like that down south. There's private property everywhere, no room for a quick camping spot and hardly even room to pull off the road at all. I consider myself so blessed to be able to go camping, drive half an hour and be in the middle of nowhere.

The weather was beautiful this weekend, perfect with the exception of a wind. It was so relaxing to sit around, warm by the fire, chat and roast wieners. We forgot the marshmallows, but as long as I have my M&M's I'm fine (: I had brought my book (The Other Boleyn Girl) and it turned out I needed it. The boys decided to abandon us for several hours (according to them, it was "a good half hour". HA!). I sat beside the fire, warmed my toes, ate my M&M's and read. It was so amazing to be able to read for so long, something I don't get to do (or don't chose to do) at home very often.

I'll post a couple pictures as soon as I take them off the camera.

Also, I've joined another bloggers community, Blog Catalog. Hopefully I'll be able to make some new contacts and be able to promote my blog more. It's just another way to build my blog up and hopefully make it more successful...while having fun!

How was everyone's weekend?

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