Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Madder Than Mad Hatter

My last few days at work have been filled with an irate client calling several times. "Several times" is an understatement, actually, she's called...probably close to 10 times a day for the past two days and is working up her call-count already today.

This woman has made my day. She's so steamed up, so hopping mad it makes me laugh. She has no reason for being this mad other than the fact that she loves to scream. She's the kind of person that thinks she knows everything and how it, apparently, should be done.

She's screamed at four of our secretaries now, each for at least twenty minutes, and has just ripped a strip off our boss. We've tried to tell her that we know what we're doing and we're doing the best we can, that our boss will call her back etc. She just keeps screaming and refuses to hang up. One of our secretaries finally set the phone down and continued with her other work while the lady screamed at herself for ten minutes. I was laughing so hard! I know it seems unprofessional, but we've tried every other tactic in the book, and nothing is working! She just wants to scream. So we let her scream.


So tonight Krystal is coming over to work on her wedding center pieces. She's bringing two of her bridesmaids so hopefully we'll get a ton more of them done!

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