Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I went through my Blogroll this morning, cutting out all the blogs that either didn't post very often or I had lost interest in. You know what amazes me? Blogs that don't consistently post entries seem to still keep their readership. Their entries, that they do eventually post, aren't really that enthralling...but they still collect tons of comments. I don't get it.

So anyways, my blog roll is now a tad smaller and I'm sure, as the weeks roll on, I'll work up the courage to delete a few more. There are some that I've kept hoping that the authors will suddenly appear, respond to comments and post more entries.

Do you ever get perturbed if a blog author doesn't respond or even acknowledge your comment? It's understandable if they have a huge amount of comments, but if not, it's sure nice that they acknowledge their readers. It just shows appreciation for the readers loyalty, I think.

I've also decided to start taking small advertisements on my blog. See where I have Beaumont displayed? He's the orange Pocket Pall at the left, under "Creative Ads". I'll be running ad's there, for bloggers and other creative minds. At first I thought that $15.00 was a good price for a two week ad...but then I was told that it was too steep a price considering my lower viewer for now, I won't be charging.

If you're a blogger and are interested in trading ad's, let me know! I'd love to display your blog. Please feel free to email me with "Creative Ads" as your subject and we'll see what we can work out!

It's finally a gorgeous spring day outside! I get so excited when we have days like this, I can't wait to dig in my garden, plant more flowers, get my hands dirty...and of course work on my tan! (: But then I always get a dose of Canadian reality when it starts snowing the next day. It's supposed to be at least +14 this weekend though, so hopefully...HOPEFULLY!!!...Spring is officially here!


Anonymous said...

OH YEAH--I had a knitting blog for 3 years and at first I got all hurt and then I figured Oh Well they are just not interested...I have a jewelry designing + blog now -- check it out--

I would exchange promos with you as well. I like your bags a lot! Edna

katelynjane said...

I'd love to exchange pictures links with you! I've checked out your blog and I loved what I saw! Good work!

Damien said...

When your laptop crashes, all you have is your blogroll ;) I just found this out. Lucky for me, you were on mine.

Lesson Damien learned?

Backup online!

BTW great post!

katelynjane said...

I'll have to keep that in mind! (: Thanks for the tip!

twiddlestix said...

Hi there katelyn! Glad to see that you didn't spring clean me right out of there! I have the same thought- how do those blogs keep their readers if they rarely blog?

Love your ad idea too...wouldn't have a clue on how to make one though! ;)

katelynjane said...

That was my question exactly! I just don't understand it! But they seem to have lots of comments and views...

I'll be writing an entry on how to make a clickable picture...which is how I'm making the ads (: Hopefully you'll find it helpful!