Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gotta Have a Sheltie!

My husbands going to hate me, but I was looking for a Sheltie again...We just got Cobie, our German Shepherd seven months ago and even though I love her to bits, I've always wanted a Sheltie. I'd especially like to adopt one from a shelter, I love the thought of giving an "unloved" pet a home and making them see they are loved and special. I'm such a sap, but it's totally true. When we had our other dog, we'd foster dogs from the SPCA in order for them to get out of their little pens. I loved taking them home and watching them play and giving them cuddles.

I found this site for adopting pets that I've become addicted to...and I came across a Sheltie in our general area that I'd love to take under my wing. I especially love her color and her cute little face. Some people don't like the sheltie's faces, their slim nose and beady little eyes. But I love it!


Chelle said...

My hubby has been wanting a dog very badly...we just can't decide on which one! We've made a few trips to the local animal shelter and keep coming home empty handed!

katelynjane said...

It's hard to chose! There are so many breeds with so many quirks and's hard to find one with suite you. Like I said to my husband, you just learn to deal with whatever quialities your dog will have. As long as you get the basic stuff right (like not too hyper etc).

Good luck with the chosing! It's a fun process!!

Christy DeKoning said...

aw, that's such a sweet little dog. How could your husband resist???

katelynjane said...

That's what I think!! I'm still workin on him (: