Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'm half British and extremely proud of it. Having British heritage means several things: I'm stubborn, I'm into Spitfires...ok, not that much, but I do think they're cool, and I love tea.

I've been tormented my whole life for my love of tea. Mostly because I demand a certain amount of respect in the making and pouring of it. Here's my list of demands:

1) The water must be fully boiled before steeping the tea,
2) The tea must be well steeped,
3) Milk (approximately 1/2 an inch) must be poured into the tea CUP (not mug!) before the tea.

Honey is preferred but sugar will do.

See, I am picky. No one can convince me that putting the milk in first doesn't make it taste different. It really does.

You can understand my excitement when I found this great store on Etsy. Although not fully devoted to tea (Wallace and Grommit too!!) what this store does offer is...beautiful. Check out Gloaming Designs!

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Andy said...

You're right about putting the milk in first - it does taste different because the milk is not scalded by being poured into hot water. You might be half-British but you're absolutely right about the way to make tea. Apart from the cup versus mug debate, but that's for another time.

Andy from Teasite