Thursday, November 15, 2007

My life is full! Have you ever gotten to that point where life is just overflowing with everything that could possibly keep you busy? I work full time, have an Etsy store, write in two different blogs, run an Etsy group, coach ball hockey, update the multiple sites I'm on (IndiePublic, I love Etsy, Myspace, Facebook...I'm sure there's more). It all ties up every minute of my time. Not that I don't love it, of course (: I do. I love it. I'm addicted to writing and it's a great way to vent that craving and to get feedback!

I have a new favorite store on Etsy. Ok, I have tons (you can see my favorites by clicking the link in my Etsy store). But this one is new, I just found this store, Verre Encore, on IndiePublic as I was cruising through the many members....and it is amazing. One look at her work and you've fell in love with color, detail and texture all over again. Every single pendant is beautiful and unique and...just completely lovely!

Is anyone trying to shop entirely on Etsy for their Christmas gifts? I am!! It's great! I live in a small town and every single year I usually say to myself "I wish there was more selection". The variety on Etsy is unbelievable, everything is unique and hand made. Some people, when they hear "hand made" cringe and immediately think of the squished clay bowl they got from their 2 year old the year before. As must as that clay bowl is adorable, Etsy offers much more. Here's a few of my favorite unique finds:

Junk Prints:

This great store is offering free domestic shipping for buyers who find them through this blog! Just let them know in your note the the seller or in a convo!


June Designs:

Merry Christmas Shopping everyone!


VerreEncore said...

What a lovely write-up!
Thank you so much for featuring my pendants. You're words are so motivating and sincere.

This year I'm trying to buy all handmade too. I think you're right that sometimes the word 'handmade' has a bad connotation, but to look at the artists on Etsy, one realizes how well-made and unique the items are.

Thanks again :)

EtsyAlberta said...

You're welcome! Thanks for allowing my to mention your store and post your pictures!!