Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Taking It a Step Further

Just a short one for now. I'm pooped. But I'll try to write again this afternoon.

I was just reading through the J Caroline blog which lead me to How About Orange which lead me to decor8. I officially have no life. But beyond that bleak and miserable fact (not really, I just felt like being melodramatic), decor8 has inspired every single blog I look at daily (which just happens to be the majority of my Blog roll). Take a look at the entry I linked to and the comments below it to learn more on how to take your items a step further and begin to hit the big-times. Have you ever wanted to turn your art work into fabric?? Take a look at the link!

How was everyones Easter? Mine was great, filled with family and two feasts (the joys of living in the same town as both our families): one of chicken, one of ham. Y.U.M! Do you have any Easter traditions? I'd love to hear them!

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