Friday, March 7, 2008

This is my third first day at this job. Confusing? Yes. It is. When I started it was for a family lawyer, then she left and I worked under a litigation lawyer. Then he decided that his other two secretaries (both been there for 30 years) could handle the work load and he's transfered me to do corporate work for another lawyer. I thought this was supposed to be a part-time thing but apparently not. The other assistant that had been in this position previously is now bringing me tons of work that had been her responsibility but was corporate work....does this mean I'll be working FULL time at this corporate stuff?? I really don't know.

You're probably wondering why I'm even staying here after being pulled around so much, but I like this job. I like the girls, I like the desk work (even though the type changes every few months) and I like the fact that it will mean I'll be here for more than 8 months. Switching jobs sucks. And it looks bad on my resume. And I start to question my ability. So hopefully this will mean a long term change for me.

On to lighter things

I have two goals:

1) Organize my sewing room
2) I can't remember what the next one was.

Ok, there's only one.

I was reading another blog this morning and found this great site for classy organizing items. Mag holders, cd boxes, boxes with label fronts...they were pricey, but looked so amazing. It was fun to look through them and see what I would need. Not that I could afford them...I can't remember what blog it was...I'm trying to find it and when I do, I'll post the link here (:

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