Friday, April 4, 2008

7 Things.

I was tagged by TwiddleStix with Seven Random Facts! I've done this before, a few months ago, but it was fun so I'll do it again (:

Here are the rules:
1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog. (Check!)
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
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The Randoms:

1) I hate liver. I hate it. SO MUCH. Ewwww grosss SICK! Just the smell of it makes me gag. Gross but true.

2) I'm secretly getting discouraged with my Etsy store. I love the site, I love the sellers...but I hate the fact that I haven't sold anything in the past...who knows how long. I think I have interesting products, I always get compliments on them from other sellers and buyers, but hardly any sales! I'm not sure what's up with that. But yeah, secret frustration happening over here. I'm trying not to be discouraged, but the Glad Game is getting worn out.

3) I've always wanted to be a model. I'm not conceited, I don't think I'm amazing looking or that I'd make it big, but I love posing for pictures and getting "done up". I'd just love it if I could be a model. It's not a huge secret, everyone is always giving me a hard time about being so eager to have pictures taken. I'm not thinking "I look amazing today, someone should take a picture of me", I just think it's fun.

4) I'm so jealous of my sister. I know I have a lot in my life that is amazing, but she makes me so jealous. She's traveled, lived in Australia for a year, can move whenever she wants just because she feels like it, shops her butt off when she wants...I'm just jealous.

5) I was completely humiliated when I lost a tooth when I was 15. Who looses teeth that late?! It was so embarrassing!

6) I love family traditions. My family used to rent cabins at a lake during the summer and it made the best memories. I just love doing things similar every year. It's fun and it builds great memories. I hope I can continue that when we have kids.

7) I'm a very honest person. Something that really bugs me is when someone can't be honest back. It used to really get to me when boyfriends would break up with me for stupid reasons or lie about things. Hello! Just tell me! Yeah, it might make me mad for a little while, but I'd rather know the truth than wonder for months what I did wrong or what really happened. But it's not all about boys. Just in general, I would rather someone be completely honest with me, in a nice way, but still honest.

Ok, now to tag seven people (Seven?!):

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Kathryn said...

Fun - thank you!

katelynjane said...

You're welcome! I cant' wait to see your entry!

twiddlestix said...

Love it! It's fun to read these things I'm finding out.
P.S. I tagged Christydekoning, not sure if she will want to do it again! ;)

twiddlestix said...

Just checked, it doesn't look like she has done it yet...maybe she needs a little nudge! ;)

Zee said...

Hi KatelynJane, thanks so much for visiting me!! I really appreciate your messages.
I see you are honest!!
I think all sellers on Etsy, most of them, get a bit discouraged sometimes. Me too. I've seen people complaining a lot in the forum about not selling at all. I took several weeks since November to sell, doesn't not pay the material I buy!
Take Care,