Thursday, April 3, 2008

Too Weird!

OK. So like every other human on the planet (almost!) I have a facebook account. I'm on it constantly, checking pictures, uploading photos, commenting on friends walls, checking in on my groups etc.

Yesterday I received a short message from a girl I've never met saying "Hi, I saw your pictures on so-and-so's page and...I like you...that's all". I laughed out loud! This was kinda odd, but whatever (: We started writing and it turns out, she loves "my style", which I find a huge compliment. She lives like 13 hours from me. BUT then things start to get WEIRD! Like "Cool" weird. So, she found me through my cousin. I look at this girls page and it turns out, one of her friends from high-school plays Risk with my husband at least once a month. Weird coincidence because this was in a totally different town. To make things even WEIRDER she goes to church with my husbands aunt and uncle...way down where ever she lives...TO MAKE THINGS EVEN WEIRDER, she knows a girl that goes to my old church. Talk about a small world hey?? This girl and I live in two completely different towns but yet we have four connections. SMALL WORLD!


Damien Riley said...

I can top that one!

My wife and I just bought a house and our loan person's birthday was the same as mine ... but that is not the weird part! My birthday is

6 / 9 / 69!

Never met someone with that same birthday, until now!

katelynjane said...

Weird! Weird things are happening lately.

twiddlestix said...

Ok, so that is really weird! Wow!