Monday, March 3, 2008

I think that Blogger must be having some issues...all of a sudden my pictures on my entry about my favorite store wouldn't show up! Hopefully it will resolve soon and I can re-post that entry (:

Does anyone know where I can get funky blogger banners? I think I'll need something with code, not just an image. Do you know of someone who does work like this? Please let me know! I really want something to add some spark to my page!

I've decided I need to take a class, something creative; painting or sketching or design...something to work my creative side a bit more and to build up my strengths. It's hard to find classes like this in a small town, but hopefully the art gallery will have some good ones available.

As usual I've been brainstorming on thinks to create...things that I could sell and make a living with. Not all my ideas are going to help me make a living, but they will hopefully bring in more pocket change invest in my bigger ideas.

Big Things To Buy:

- Gocco Printer
- Heat Transfer thingy
- Items for silk-screening

Small Things To Buy:

- Wedding Decorating Books
- Floral Edging Punch
- Bone Folder
- Carpet pieces for bulletin board (sounds weird, but check out this link!)

I have so many ideas, so many things to do and try, it's hard to know where to start!


Wendee said...

Poke around on etsy for the banners. There's several graphic designers who will do them for blogger and have very reasonable rates.

katelynjane said...

Good idea (: I didn't think of asking them if they would do blogger banners!